Yes, Everyone Can Wear Skinny Jeans

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so sick of hearing about the who, what, where, when, and why of skinny jeans! Yes, everyone can wear skinny jeans (even my dad, if he really wanted to – but that might be where I draw the line. Sorry, Dad).

 A snug pair of skinny jeans not only look super cute on all body shapes, old and young but are comfortable, figure-fitting, and totally sexy! Whether you roll them up and rock them with a pair of flats or strappy sandals or tuck them under your favorite pair of knee high boots, your jeans demand to be worn!

And lucky for you, I’ve compiled a lookbook of stylish outfits for a few of my favorite colors, shapes, and sizes of skinny jeans – and yes, these outfits work for everyone!

1.     LIGHT WASH - Street Style


FACT: I once saw a picture of Miley Cyrus’s publicist wearing a pair of shredded light wash skinny jeans and I paid more attention to her outfit than Miley’s...which is hard to do because Miley (as she always reminds us) is bangerz.


2.     WHITE – Soirée

rl wearing white jeans with ankle strap heels

White pants are my signature for any “dressy casual” social gathering. They just make you look so pristine and put together! So when I sip champagne and unsuccessfully flirt my way around all of the social scenes of a get-together, I like to wear tops in muted colors, statement earrings, and ankle-strap heels or sandal wedges to complete the look.

3.     GREEN – Boho Chic

Girl wearing green skinny jeans

My style is pretty versatile – but honestly, my biggest style secret: it’s usually just contingent on what kind of hair day I’m having. On my messy-bun-IDGAF-days, I aim for a little more of a boho look. I’m prone to throw on a pair of army green skinny jeans, a loose white blouse, a long, hand-crafted necklace, and rock that messy bun all the way through my day.

4.     RED – Flirty Fab

A very Taylor Swift-esque way to rock your red skinny jeans (in a way that would make her RED album PROUD) is to make it soft and romantic. Taylor wears hers with a navy and white striped sweater, red lipstick, and camel-colored shoes … and we LOVE her for it (and we patiently wait to be selected as a member of her squad by writing enough blog articles that she eventually notices us).

5.     CLASSIC DARK WASH – Everyday Staple

Girl wearing dark blue skinny jeans

The everyday staple skinny jean is classic navy denim. Navy denim skinny jeans can work with everything from long sweaters to crop tops.  They can take you from the office to a girl’s night out to a Saturday morning farmer’s market. The options are totally unlimited - dark wash denim is the triple threat in your closet.  They can do anything.  They’re the JLo of your wardrobe.

Scarlett Olivia