Casual Wedding Dress Styling Tips

I may not know a lot about the day I say “I do,” but I know what I won’t do, and that’s spend some ridiculous sum of money on a dress that I’m only going to wear once! I’m an accessories kind of gal, and if I’m going to be looking for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… it’s really going to start eating away at my budget (faster than I eat my chocolate ganache 3-tier wedding cake, which will be served almost immediately following the ceremony).

I want to be beautiful and comfortable. I’ll be nervous enough proclaiming my love for someone forever, I don’t want to have to also worry about tearing, dirtying, or destroying a dress that cost me thousands of dollars!

So, instead of wasting my time and money on a bulky uncomfortable ball gown, I’m buying an affordable (yet still insanely gorgeous) wedding dress and investing my money where it actually counts – my glam team and accessories!

1.      The Dress

Girl wearing casual lace wedding dress

I’m serious when I say my budget for a wedding dress is under $100. I never brag about how much money I spend on my splurge purchases.  When I can get something amazing for a steal, that’s when I hype my mad shopping skillz! Red Dress Boutique has my absolute favorite affordable wedding dress this season, this stunning maxi dress.

2.      Glam Squad

My advice for make-up is not too much, not too little. I’ll never forget the episode of Girls where Marnie gets married and has that atrocious contoured cake-face that ruins her oh so perfect features (seriously, the woman is a goddess!).

Pink cheeks and a happy, glowing face bring out the best in even the most stressed of brides. After all this is the happiest day of your life! So, you should look and feel that way. has lists for every occasion of your wedding, but specifically they give you the option to look up wedding make-up artists by location.

Of course, the most important accessory a girl ever owns is her hair. And on your wedding day?! The perfection of that prized possession is more crucial than ever. That’s why it’s important to know what you want and go with someone you can trust – not just a family friend or relative. has the most amazing service to find your hairdresser. You enter several key details about your location, and what you’re looking for, and they customize your result for you.

3.      Headpiece



I’ve been to quite a few weddings now, watched some of my closest friends embark on the best journey of their lives and none looked quite as elegant as my best friend, Sydney. Her secret? Flower headpieces. They’re just unmatchable in grace and tastefulness. She got hers from Twigs and Honey and ever since then I’ve been recommending it to every Bride-To-Be I’ve come in contact with (including you!)

4.      Shoes

Cinderella can’t afford to lose one of these bad boys (and why would she want to, she already found her Prince!). Shoes of Prey lets you choose from hundreds of materials and are made with some of the best Italian silks and soft leathers in the business. You get to customize the heel, color, and design! The best part? A 365 perfect fit guarantee! Turns out I do believe in Happily Ever After!

5.      Wedding Bands

Ah, yes. The most important item on your painfully long wedding to-do list. No, not the guys you hire to stand on stage and sing some sappy songs, but your actual rings! After all, how on Earth can you be wed without the rings?! I’m obsessed with With These Rings and their customizable collection. You can even attend a workshop and actually create the rings together with your partner!



Scarlett Olivia