7 Ways to Style a White Shirt for the Workplace and the Weekend


You probably have that favorite white button-down shirt that pairs well with everything and fits you perfectly. While this classic office staple may not seem very exciting, at first glance, don’t be fooled! There are plenty of ways for you to rework your white shirt into some fresh and exciting styles—for both the workplace AND the weekend. Check out my favorite ways to style a white shirt below.

For the Workplace

Instead of pairing your favorite white shirt with slacks and pencil skirts, it’s time to switch things up a bit. Here are some ways that you can style your white button-down shirt to heighten both your professional image and your fashion in the workplace:

Tuck It into a Pleated Skirt

Don’t get us wrong—white button-down shirts can look ultra-sleek and feminine when tucked into a gray pencil skirt.  But this look isn’t new or exciting anymore. You can turn heads (in a good way) at the office by tucking your white shirt into a fashionable pleated skirt instead. 

You don’t have to stick with a neutral colored pleated skirt either! Check out the fun patterns on these pleated skirts worn by celebs such as Jamie Chung and Liv Tyler for some fashion inspiration to nail the look.

Layer with a Sweater

What’s better than wearing your favorite white button-down shirt?  Wearing it underneath your favorite cozy sweater for a super chic and preppy look. This combo is perfect for when the weather gets a bit chilly and the office never seems to be warm enough. You can also wear a statement necklace over your white shirt and sweater to really tie your entire look together.

Tie It at the Waist

Tying your white shirt into a trendy knot at the bottom is a new twist (pun intended) on your classic work ensemble and makes your top more form-fitting than it normally is. This look works best with an oversized white shirt because it allows you to make a looser knot. If your white shirt runs on the smaller side, wear it over a dress and tie it so that it cinches at the waist.

Tucked in with Brightly Colored Pants

White and black is typical, so why not change it up with some brightly colored pants and cute heels? Victoria Beckham is the perfect example of this fresh look with her slim pink trousers and white shirt. Bold colors and patterns are fun to bust out in the spring and can brighten up a dreary office setting.

For the Weekend

When Friday evening rolls around, don’t put away that white shirt just yet! Here are a few ways to rock it for the weekend as well:


Pair It with Ripped Skinny Jeans

Combine your white shirt with ripped skinny jeans, and you have an interesting mix of smart and casual that is perfect for the weekend. Black or blue denim both look amazing with a white top, and you can give your look even greater sophistication by adding some neutral pointed heels to the mix!

Flirty Knotted Shirt

When you tie your white shirt for work, it should be fairly conservative; otherwise, you might be seen as unprofessional. But, on the weekends, you can make your knot a little more casual and flirty than normal. Dare to be a little bold, like Jessica Alba and Minka Kelly, by tying your knot so that a little skin is showing for an ultimate relaxed vibe. If you would rather not show skin, you can always wear a cute tank top underneath.

Untucked with Form-Fitting Shorts

If the weather permits, wear your white button-down shirt with some form-fitting shorts for an incredibly simple and trendy look. Oversized white shirts can be tucked in the front and hang loose in the back for a cool and casual high-low effect. This look is perfect for running errands on the weekend or just hanging out on a hot day.

Scarlett Olivia