This is Me.

I may be from Georgia but you can forget about that sweet, southern hospitality. I’m going to give it to you straight and you’re going to like it. Not because I’m THAT charming (I am) but because real life is more than just Facebook statuses and Instagram hearts. Everyday life has its “moments”. Hurl pillows from your bed and stomp your feet “moments”. Cry into your wine glass “moments”. Want somebody to just make the decision for you “moments”. Adult-ing is hard work, but we can do it with grace. Or at least laugh at the insanity while we figure it out.

I don’t completely know who I am yet (the 20 something’s paradox) but I’m figuring it out. I like to forge my own path and fill up my plate, after all it’s a long life meant to be lived and sitting still has never been my thing (unless of course I’m binge watching Scandal with a bottle of sparkling anything). I never take myself too seriously (Improv classes here I come!) and I day dream about Ryan Gosling and Don Draper playing Bocce in their underwear on my front lawn (Hey girl, we admire your creativity). Oh, and I like to bake.

Currently my steamiest romance comes from my daily dose of caramel macchiatos but someday I hope to find the love of my life who makes me laugh until I cry – hence the Improv classes. In the mean time I intend to tastefully flirt until my heart’s content and wear good shoes while doing it (Thank you, Tory Burch).

This blog isn’t about telling you WHAT to wear and HOW to wear it. Well, I am going to a little - - fashion is my passion after all - - but I’m also going to share with you the secret to feeling like the Diva you want to be. Own it. No matter what your style, you do you, girl, and we’ll get along just fine.

Lastly, my dream is to someday make a living from this writing thing, ruling the world with my gilded pen. But in the mean time, I’ll place my musing on this blog and hope that you enjoy the ride.

Much Love,
Scarlett Olivia